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If you have decided to call rehabs now, your first call should be to Fort Behavioral Health. Our experienced team has helped hundreds of people find their path away from addiction, and we are ready to help you. We design a specific treatment plan for each person in our programs that maximizes the efficacy of the process. Recovery is a personal journey, and we want to help you get started. Reach out to us today by calling 844.329.3447 or completing our confidential online form.
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Addiction Treatment Programs

Our addiction treatment programs provide a wide array of options for you to choose from. Just as each person is unique, a treatment plan should be a unique blend of addiction treatment programs. After all, we want you to be successful, so our addiction treatment programs were created to be the foundation of long-lasting recovery.

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Inpatient Treatment Program

Inpatient treatment is often best for those who may experience withdrawal symptoms during recovery. During an inpatient treatment program, people typically stay at our rehab center for an extended period of time. Throughout this type of program, the people in our care are closely monitored to ensure their health and safety.

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Outpatient Treatment Program

An outpatient treatment program is usually the best option for those who
require treatment but can’t commit to an extensive leave from
their work or family obligations. During our outpatient treatment program,
you attend therapy sessions and treatment,
then return home at the end of the day.

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program

Dual diagnosis treatment is a therapeutic approach that is designed to address both substance abuse and mental health disorders at the same time. Often, addiction is a coping mechanism for those who are dealing with mental health disorders. Dual diagnosis heals the underlying causes of addiction that may be a manifestation of a mental health issue.

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Our dedicated team is ready to help you get started on the most important chapter in your life. We specialize in uplifting the people in our care so that they can reach and exceed their treatment goals. Find out more about how our programs can be the helping hand that you may need to feel better. Contact our team today by calling 844.329.3447 or completing our confidential online form. See how our team can be the source of support that you may need to overcome your addiction.